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Monthly Show Video

Thursday, April 28, 2011

YNK Beats

Belleville band You're Not Kablamo! features local up and coming and touring bands on their Youtube video blog, or vlog, whichever you prefer. The videos include interviews of the bands by You're Not Kablamo!. They are usually goofy and filled with hilarious questions, questions about the current state of the music industry, and current events. This week, they featured At Yalta, a St. Louis math rock band:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Booking 101

1 - Don't book yourself for any shows 2 weeks prior or after the next show you have booked. It's not worth it, because you're playing so much that people are going to get tired of seeing your band play so much, and your shows will start to lose value with your fanbase.

2 - Make a flier/poster for your show, or get your hands on one someone else made and put them all over town. Facebook isn't your only resource. The flier doesn't have to be elaborate. Just make a word document with the bands' names, venue's name, price, time and date, and you're set!

3 - Make sure the bands you're booking either fit each other, or there's enough variety there for everyone. Booking a band that does acoustic stuff with a band that does punk or something else loud and racous wouldn't be a good idea. However, if you book an acoustic act, a slightly louder act, an even louder act, and a noisy punk or hardcore band, there's a good transition from soft to loud, or loud to soft, or whatever combination you wish.

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