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Monthly Show Video

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Legend to be.

Ever since I started playing shows at the age of 15 I have seen this Great performer always in the same venue and or group of people I was growing up around. This guy has been doing it for years and will be around for sometime in the "Saint Louis Music Scene" as some may want to call it. I give you if you don't know already.. Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick. Here are some great links below into what he HAS done and is doing Currently. ENJOY!! -Drew.G

Current Act(s): http://falsettoboy.bandcamp.com/

Past Act(s): http://www.myspace.com/subjecttoevaporation

and http://www.myspace.com/musclebrain1

My opinion of Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick and Knowledge of: Jim has been in the core of glory and captivated his own influences into his core of glory. I have experience in some playing with Jim and touring with him up in Milwaukee back in 2006. Jim Is a solid Song Writer/performer. He holds it down and keeps it up(Pun Intended). All goofy talk aside, Jim is a friend and Jim Is going for the gold. He has many great Records out on Vinyl in his current and past bands. I have seen kids melt over his guitar and grab hold of him in their sweat and angst. I know plenty of Women have as well.. Here is Jim's Next performance. check it out. thanks for reading more RIVER CITY DIY Posts ahead!!!!!

Next Show: July 29th (Friday) Sci-Fi Lounge w/ Navigator,Money Sighs,Nick Bitikofer ::$5.00:: 8pm-11pm Event link below..


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