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Monthly Show Video

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apop Records

Apop Records, Saint Louis' premiere underground record store is more than just that; they contribute more than their fair share to the DIY scene here in Saint Louis. What started as a small shack hosting noise shows in Columbia, Missouri, Apop has now blossomed into a record label, venue space, and a house for all things "grating, atonal, noisy, difficult and exuberantly off-kilter," as their website states. Though they specialize in noise, that is not all Apop offers. Genres include but are not limited to noise, power electronics, avant garde, minimalism, drone, industrial, psych, punk, noise rock, metal, and hardcore. If this is your style, head down to Apop, located at 2831 Cherokee St. Saint Louis, MO.
Apop Records, located at 2831 Cherokee St. Saint Louis, MO

 Read more: http://www.apoprecords.com/

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