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Monthly Show Video

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Calendar of Events for September at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

September 2010

Fri 10 AHLEUCHATISTAS/ Eric Hall/ Corrigan Brothers
Sat 11 ANIMAL LOVER (Former GUMBI)/ Queers in the Headlight/ Men Working in Trees/Cole Weiche
Wed 15 Morgan's Orange/ Eriksen Goetz/ Early Morning Fire/ Curtis Tinsley
Sun 19 CANCELLED - Xrin Arms/Demeanor/ Oblive
Mon 20 The Horror The Horror (member fo Br'er)/ Tom Hill
Wed 22 Creeper (from Toronto)/ Canyons/ Foreign Theaters/ Orion Pax
Fri 24 Self PROCLAIMED NARCISSIST/ The Jaguar Shark/ Engaged/
Sat 25 Sweet Talk/ The Please and Thank Yous/ Scienasaurus Rex
Sun 26 the Extraordinaires/
Mon 27 Bent Life /Feeding Lies /Sore Throat Syndrome /Yajirobe
Tue 28 Little Teeth/ We're Wolf/ Jaffa/ Googolplexia
Wed 29 This Piano Plays Itself/ Humdrum/ At Yalta

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